Ace Luciano

Freelance Writer


  • Season: Winter
  • Humidity:0%
  • Quarry: Upland
I received the Ethos Friday late afternoon (Jan 2). Upon opening the case, I noticed that the gun looked very nice with no immediately observable damage. I had see and fired this gun at SHOT media day 2014 and was already familiar with some of the features. Short time frame did not allow for as much torture-testing as I would have like. The instructions given were – “Do whatever you can to it…” I was a bit concerned – the gun had not been cleaned – internally – in a year, but no issues loading/unloading. The morning of January 3rd broke with a wet snow over the southern half of Wisconsin. We set up a pheasant hunt in southeastern Wisconsin. The Ethos was a PLEASURE to carry. Mayvery well be the lightest 12-guage I have ever carried. 1st field rather small – we flushed and killed 4 birds. Moved out of open brush field to HEAVY cover – whips/saplings/throns/brush that is some of the most difficult cover to walk through. The weather also changed – rain. Time for torture! Not only did I walk through the heaviest cover, several times I unloaded the gun and used the shotgun horizontally to clear my path…something that most sane people wouldn’t try with a synthetic or “dipped” gun! All I can say is…WOW. No noticeable damage to the gun or wood…so I did it AGAIN! Same result! Rain froze and fell as we moved to another field. I used various ammo – low and high brass 7 ½, 6, lead and steel. Had ONE failure to chamber the 3rd round. My 15 year old son, Joseph, was handed the gun and commented on how light it was. Joe’s been shooting since he was 7, and has a lot of rounds on pheasant. He quickly killed two birds – SO I TOOK IT BACK! FYI – Joe was shooting my original Super Black Eagle – 25+ years old with over 100k rounds through it, wood stock, blue barrel and action. Says “H & K” Benelli. Still my “Go-to” pheasant gun! I put the wet gun in the back of the truck, uncleaned, and drove 80 miles home. Temp dropped from 30 to 0 in 10 hours. Sunday. Took the gun out after freezing outside overnight – loaded a light trap and a 3” #2 steel duck load – fired and cycled no issues. Almost forgot!! In-between the hunt and freezing gun I shot the Ethos at clay pigeons using all light trap loads, heavy hand loads, #2 high-shock steel, and even a 3”, 1 ¾ oz copper plated TURKEY LOAD. For a light gun, recol averages “pleasant” to “tolerable” depending on loads. Still highly impressed with this gun. 35 rounds fired