Shawn Skipper

NRA's American Hunter Web Managing Editor


  • Season: Fall
  • Quarry: Waterfowl
The ETHOS didn't just make it to Delaware in time for waterfowl season - it made it in time for opening day! We rose before 4 a.m. and reported to a field-based blind that my family has long used, located in Smyrna, DE - just shy of an hour north of our hometown, Milton. Surrounding ourselves largely with Canada goose silhouettes, we readied ourselves for an unseasonably warm opener. There were showers throughout the morning, and the rising sun brought temperature above 70 degrees. The early morning brought little shooting - from us or from nearby hunters. Three ducks buzzed us early, prompting some of my companions to raise their guns, but I didn't let the ETHOS loose just yet.  Finally, a little after 8 a.m, a pair of Canada's decided they liked what they saw and set up to decoy. We called the shot just before the birds realized that they'd been had and five shotguns rose from the blind. The ETHOS and I pelted the goose on the right in two shots (I missed on the first) while my father polished off the bird on the left with his own gun. We'd seen no more action before it was time to call it a day, but the job was done. It had visited the first state and harvested game. It'll probably be taking a little Delaware mud with it to its next destination, too. Number of rounds: 2, Federal Black Cloud. Snow Goose, 3" No. 2's