Dianna Liedorff Muller

Benelli 3-Gun Pro Staff


  • Season: Summer
  • Quarry: Clays
I received the America's Ethos on my way out of town to go visit my parents in MO. I was preparing for a trip that involved shooting sporting clays, so I took the Ethos out. The gun/stock didn't fit me - the comb was too low, so I had to raise my cheek up to see down the rail. There are shims and things you can do to fix that, but I was under a time crunch and didn't want to mess with it since it's not mine! Despite that, I enjoyed discovering the Ethos. It took me a little while to get "on," but after I did, I was smoking them! The recoil impulse is definitely snappy, but the Progressive Comfort System does its job and makes it a great shooter! It shoulders and swings like a dream. I fed it every junk round I had and it never hick-upped. Shot over 100 rounds. Enjoyed it!