Tim Brandt

Industry Professional


  • Season: Fall
  • Quarry: Waterfowl
Like all of us in this industry, time is precious for us here in Minnesota. There is too much to do, too many pursuits to try and way too much game at this time of year. Focusing is hard. I managed to secure a day afield with the ETHOS and a good friend of mine Todd Gifford. We rose very, very early on Election Day and headed to the mighty Mississippi. The weather was beautiful for this time of year-unfortunately the ducks and geese didn’t get the memo. We were only able to harvest one goose-a giant Canada- and one mallard. The ETHOS didn’t get the workout I had hoped, but it did perform well. Light, fast, good-looking, and sweet. All great traits. I only fired three rounds (Black Cloud3” #36) at game, but found the trigger smooth and the gun as quick as I have handled. In a perfect world I’d hold on to it one more day in hopes of finding more ducks and geese, but alas I must send her on the way. Hopefully she-or one of her sisters-returns soon. As I can’t imagine a better choice for pheasant, grouse, pigeon, doves, woodcock or any other winged game! No dings-only one day in the field!