Britney Starr


  • Season: Fall
  • Quarry: Woodcock, Clays
The ETHOS was a pleasure to carry while upland hunting.  It is significantly lighter in weight than my "go to" over/under shotgun, which helped keep me less fatigued than usual.  The recoil is manageable, considering its weight.  Being left handed, I appreciate the straight-stock feature, and was impressed with the gun's overall "pointability."  If I owned the gun, I would have the safety switched over to accommodate my wrong-handedness. I used the cyl. choke while upland hunting, due to it being early in the season and very thick in the woods.  Although I did miss a grouse, I was able to connect with a woodcock, and the choke/shotgun combo actually shot its head clean off of the body.  I am confident that it would easily bring down a grouse or pheasant.  While shooting trap, I switched over to the modified choke.  After a few shots, I got into a groove, and noticed that the ETHOS is extremely easy to shoulder.  A+ for the ETHOS! Number of rounds fired: 6 test shots upon receiving the gun (at clays on stands).  2 shots at upland birds.  50 shots at clays during trap. Physically, I don't think I added any dings or scratches to the ETHOS, however, I did fall while upland hunting and ended up slamming the butt of the gun straight down on a rock.  There doesn't seem to be any damage to the recoil system, and the gun continued to fire/function just fine.