Todd Jackson

Penobscot Bay Outfitters guide


  • Season: Winter
  • Quarry: Waterfowl
Todd Jackson, guide Penobscot Bay Outfitters:  The Ethos was a smooth shooting shotgun whish has less recoil than the SBE2’s we shot. I was shooting old squaws, and surf scoters in the morning first thing and it worked great with the fast shooting. We changed locations to hunt golden eyes and Bufflehead. I shot 3 scoters, 2 old squaws, and 4 Buffleheads along with one Drake goldeneye. The gun had no new noticeable marks.   Ben Dyininck:  Ethos stood up to the challenge of shooting on saltwater in below freezing temperatures. I fired substantial rounds of Black Cloud snow goose BB and #2 loads with no delays or lapses in performance. Number of rounds fired were somewhere between 15-20 shots on birds in the air and another 10 shots on cripples in our group. The morning started out with a 3.30am wake up call and a healthy breakfast prepared by our guides at Penobscot Bay Outfitters. We left the house by 4am and drove an hour to our launch. A short boat ride into the bay and we started setting up our rigs for siders and old squaws/scoters in two layouts and another 6 ducks set for Black ducks. In our group of four, I set up with one other guy for Black ducks early. Shooting hours started at 6.28am and by 6.45am we had our two Black ducks. At this point I was moved to a layout boat for old squaws and scoters. I knocked one scoter in one shot with Ethos and within a half hour was moved to the decoy spread for siders after my shooting partner killed his four siders. At this point, I had fired roughly 5 shells (including wounding shots) through the Ethos. Upon setting into the layout boat siders, the action was fast and furious. Within 20 minutes, 4 Drake siders were down and roughly 8 shots fired. Rounds cycled fast and given the weight of the gun, the recoil was very manageable, especially considering most of the shells fired were snow goose BB loads provided by Federal. All in, roughly 20 shots were fired through the Ethos and I was incredibly pleased with the overall performance the gun offered from swinging on siders, scoters, and old squaws as well as shooting a Black duck from shore. The weight of the gun made for easy swings from a difficult position in a lay out boat, and the minimal recoil allowed for solid tracking after a possible miss on a passing shot on fast flying sea ducks. If the first shot was a miss, the second shot was easily recoverable. The Ethos made me feel like a superstar.