Jeremy Parker

Benelli 3-Gun Pro Staff


  • Season: Spring
  • Quarry: Clays
Performed presentation drills, transitions, reloading, cycle rate and recoil management evaluation. The Ethos performed very well, as expected, shouldering the gun felt very natural, the lightweight 26-inch gun swung very smooth from target to target. The loading port and extended bolt release are great improvements! The progressive recoil management system really works well, 3-inch magnum turkey loads were snappy but very shootable. 2-3/4 inch target loads were very soft. All ammo cycled flawlessly. It was Mother's Day, so we gathered at Mom's house/farm. The Ethos was shot by my brother, his 5-year old step-son (with some assistance), shot by my wife and 21-year old niece. Everyone enjoyed it! I feel confident there will soon be an Ethos in my gun vault! 226 total rounds fired: 208 rounds – Federal Premium 2-3/4 inch, 1-1/8 oz. target loads, 18 rounds – Federal Premium 3 inch, 1-5/8 oz. high velocity, heavyweight turkey loads. I added a couple of dings to the LH side of the stock from my shell caddies.