Phil Bourjaily

Outdoor Writer


  • Season: Fall
  • Quarry: Clays
I took the ETHOS to the Delta Waterfowl Youth Hunt Event to let some of the kids and their parents shoot it.  We shot 100 rounds - 50 rounds of Federal 1180 FPS 1 oz. loads and 50 light loads, mostly 7/8 oz. but a few 3/4 oz.  The gun cycled all 1 oz. loads perfectly and handled the 7/8 oz. loads with only two failures to cycle.  It would not cycle 3/4 oz. loads. Kids and parents commented on the light weight and good looks of the ETHOS.  Some commented on its soft recoil, especially the range officer whose back injury causes most quick recoil to hurt him "all the way down to my toes" in his words.  He said the light weight and low recoil of the ETHOS did not cause him any pain at all. After the Delta event I got a call from a young man I used to coach at trap.  He had a field full of geese and invited me to hunt with his group the next morning. Geese began flying shortly after shooting time and came constantly.  I shot my two goose limit early and gave the gun to my young friend who shot his two geese. Between the two of us we put 11 rounds of HeviMetal BBs through the gun.  I was again impressed light weight and handling of the ETHOS even though I wouldn't think of it as a waterfowl gun.  My friend will probably buy one! I wish I could say I put a few nicks and dings in the gun but I did not.  The ETHOS is an excellent addition tot he Benelli lineup.