Norm Fogt


  • Season: Fall
  • Quarry: Waterfowl
The ETHOS functioned very well. Over the three day hunt, approximately 30 shots were fired with no jammed shells. The gun is light and easy to point. Picking up the target with the front red sight was no problem. I usually shoot a Benelli Super Black Eagle II. The ETHOS had a barrel that was two inches shorter, so that took a little to get used to. I used Federal Black Cloud shells and the recoil was hardly noticeable. Shooting Event: I arose at 2:30am Friday morning to arrive at the blind by shooting time. I hunted alone the first morning until the others in the party arrived later that afternoon. My first shot with the ETHOS dropped one Teal out of a flock of ten. By 10:00am, I had killed four ducks with a total of six shots. We returned on Saturday with a party of three to the same blind in flooded timber. The activity was slow, taking two ducks in the first two hours of the day. We moved on to stand in flooded timber in another location with the remainder of the party. Activity was better in that location with a total of twenty-three ducks by the time we stopped at noon. Sunday two of us returned to the blind and killed a respectable eight ducks in two hours. We then again moved on to join the remainder of our party at another location. Our group ended the day with a total of thirty-one ducks. The weather was unseasonably warm with a cold front arriving the next day. The species harvested over the three day hunt was primarily Mallards along with Teal and a few Gadwall. The ETHOS was the talk of duck camp with other nearby hunting parties dropping by to take a look at it.